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Pregnancy a powerful time 

Pre-conception, pregnancy and the early years are key periods in which healthy lifestyle choices can positively influence a mother and child's life-long health.

Good nutrition and physical activity can help to reduce the risk of both the mother and child developing diseases later in life such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Some cancers.

The great news is that healthy eating and activity choices can be simple, affordable, and achievable for all cultures and family situations.

It's becoming more and more important for maternity and child health professionals to include discussions about healthy lifestyles in their work with mothers, infants, families and whanau.


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Parents are confused about what constitutes healthy food

A study out of Australia shows that most parents there are confused about what constitutes healthy food and for many children treats are now everyday snacks.

The results come from the latest Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll and highlight the fact that Australian children don’t get enough vegetables and regularly consume sugar-sweetened beverages.

The report found that a quarter of parents mistakenly believe that fruit drinks may be a healthier option than water and that a third of Aussie kids are regularly consuming sugar-sweetened drinks.


While almost a third of parents incorrectly believe children may need sports drinks to recover from regular physical activity.


The report also found that Aussie kids aren’t getting the daily recommended intake of vegetables, with the poll revealing that nine out of ten school-aged children don’t eat the recommended daily serves of vegetables.


Find out more about this study here.  

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The Healthy Start Workforce Project offers free workforce development programmes.


Our online education programme explores the science which shows how good nutrition and physical activity during early life can reduce health risks in adulthood.  


Our Healthy Conversation Skills workshop provides tools to enable health practitioners to better support clients to make lasting behaviour changes, especially in the area of nutrition and physical activity. 

Our programmes qualify for professional development hours midwives, nurses, GPs and exercise professionals.

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