Healthy Conversation Skills training dates

If you want to be more effective in helping your clients to make real and lasting lifestyle changes, then Healthy Conversation Skills training can help you!

You have to register to do a course.  Please register here.   To find the best course for you, check out our training schedule:


North Island 


City  Date  Venue  Time Facilitator                
Auckland Tuesday 28 August 2018 (Healthy Babies Healthy Futures Staff Only)  Onehunga Community Centre 8.45am-3pm Mary 
Wellington  Thursday 30 August 2018 (GP Registrars Only)  Johnsonville Community Centre  12.30pm-4.30pm  Susan 
Manukau   Tuesday 11 September 2018  Counties Manukau Super Clinic   8.45am-3pm Mary 
Tauranga  Tuesday 11 September 2018  Tauranga Hospital   8.45am-3.30pm Susan 
Tauranga  Wednesday 12 September 2018  Tauranga Hospital  8.45am-3.30pm Susan 
Auckland  Thursday 13 September 2018 (UoA Masters of Dietetic and Nutrition Students Only)  Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences   8.45am-3pm Mary 
Auckland   Tuesday 16 October 2018 (HCS Refresher Course - for those that have completed HCS training)  Middlemore Hospital  9.30am-12pm  Susan 
Albany  Thursday 25 October 2018  Harbour Sport  8.45am-3pm  Mary 
Palmerston North  Thursday 1 November 2018  Te Papaioea Birthing Centre  10.30am-4.30pm  Mary 
Palmerston North  Friday 2 November 2018  Te Papaioea Birthing Centre  10.30am-4.30pm  Mary 
Manukau   Tuesday 20 November 2018 Ko Awatea, Counties Manukau Health
8.45am-3.30pm Susan 
Warkworth  Tuesday 20 November 2018  Warkworth Birthing Centre  8.45am-3pm  Mary 
Hamilton  Thursday 29 November 2018 (WINTEC Midwifery Students Only)  WINTEC  9.30am-3.30pm Susan/Mary 
Whakatane  Wednesday 5 December 2018  Whakatane Hospital   8.45am-3pm Mary 
Tauranga  Thursday 6 December 2018  Tauranga Hospital 8.45am-3pm Mary 
Tauranga  Friday 7 December 2018  Tauranga Hospital 8.45am-3pm Mary 

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South Island 


City Date Venue Time Facilitator              
Nelson  Thursday 23 August 2018  Nick Smith Rooms and Koru Place  10am-3.30pm  Anne-Maree and Liz 
Invercargill   Wednesday 10 October 2018  ILT Stadium Southland   8.45am-3pm Liz 
Invercargill Thursday 11 October 2018 (SIT Nursing Students Only) Southern Institute of Technology  8.45am-3pm  Susan/Liz 
Invercargill  Friday 12 October 2018 (SIT Nursing Students Only)  Southern Institute of Technology  8.45am-3pm Susan/Liz 

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